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Dolshyne (A brand by Realyon Ventures LLP) is an Online Boutique Beverage Store and currently Having a few Specialised Herbal and Exotic Flavoured Green Tea and Premium International Coffees in our Portfolio.

We take great pride in providing the best possible products to our customers. All our products are 100% natural and free from any pesticides and additives. The tea leaves that we use as our ingredients are grown locally and carefully nurtured by skillful hands, making it rich in taste and also resulting in a remarkable tea experiences.

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The whole idea began to take shape when Raahuul started to prepare early morning tea for the whole family. He started to experiment by adding different herbs in his preparation which were thoroughly enjoyed by all the family members. This spark was further fueled by his interest in different cooking shows where the participants use varieties of tea, being infused with other ingredients to add taste and a sense of luxury to their dishes.

Many people look at tea only as a simple beverage and were unaware of the other tea varieties and their usage in everyday lives, therefore we decided to start something where we could not only promote our favorite blend of teas but simultaneously inspire and educate others on the benefits of infused and herbal teas and also provide a platform where they could share ideas about their successful infusion blends.


To be able to promote this unique idea, we started to taste and experience the most exotic flavoured, infused, herbal tisane teas from a wide variety of tea brands that exist in the market today. This ensured that we would provide our customers only with the very best flavour profiles. As a result, “DOLSHYNE” came into existence.

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The name DOLSHYNE (DOL-SHAE-NE) was coined when Raahuul heard one of the judges at one of his favorite cookery competitions pronounce “Dalchini” (Cinnamon) as DOL-SHAE-NE and since Dalchini was one of the few spices that he added to the morning tea, the brand name was finalized.


To create a unique experience for all our valued customers by encouraging and promoting a positive, vibrant, and healthy lifestyle through our collection of products. All our customers would be able to enjoy our favorite mix of products sourced, infused, blended by quality providers of exquisite and fresh ingredients. Our product’s exotic flavours and fragrances combined with herbal blends allow the customers to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. All our product offerings would be defined by our philosophy, “Driven by Quality, Inspired by Taste”.


We aspire to be the premier E-commerce Company globally, that prides itself by providing fresh, high-quality infused Green Teas, Tisanes, and other infused products to its customers.

Let’s “Rejuvenate your Senses”.

Dolshyne, a brand owned by (Realyon Ventures L.L.P.)


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